Don Sepe


The most sought-after prize one can ever dream of will always be at the end of one’s journey, a prize we call as success. Nevertheless, one’s journey towards success starts with an ultimate dream. We also know that the journey towards the fulfilment of one’s dreams and aspirations is never a smooth-sailing one. Challenges and barriers will always be there to test our character and perspectives. Don Sepe, one of USANA’s greatest Diamond Directors, went through numerous ups and downs from his growing up years and even in his career. It was not that easy for him to overcome every barrier along his journey towards success, yet his life story tells us that there is nothing impossible to one who constantly believes in the power of dreams.

From Introvert to Entrepreneur

Don Sepe may have lived a simple, average life back then. Nevertheless, he was able to carry on the values of perseverance, diligence, and respect. He also acquired the values of being dedicated towards work and being wise in terms of decision-making. During his growing up years, his strong faith in God, perseverance creativity, and resourcefulness became his allies in order to finish college. He did his best to remove negativities and doubts away from his system since he had numerous goals in mind. Furthermore, his family became his motivating force towards aiming for success.

When asked about first impressions, people perceive Don as a motivating and inspiring person. He admits that he used to be an introvert, as he used to isolate himself from everyone else because of his own insecurities. People also thought that he was a snob as he seldom smiled or laughed. But as the days and years have gone by, more people learned a lot from him through his encouraging words and inspiring life story.

A Role Model

After a few years of working on numerous jobs, Don Sepe finally decided to enter USANA. He may have experienced challenges before in his life, but he was still grateful for all the challenges and trials he faced because he knew that these all happened for a reason. Don believed that USANA helped him prepare for a brighter and bigger future ahead.

Don Sepe is a systematic person when it comes to work. He is very goal-oriented, passionate, optimistic, and energetic when it comes to working whether alone or with his colleagues. For him, if one cannot stop thinking about a dream, then there is no reason to stop working for it. A dream is not what a person sees while sleeping. Rather, a dream should be something that will not let you sleep until you are able to fulfill it.

When asked about his passion, Don admits that he is into traveling, and being a motivational speaker. He also desires to share tips on how to engage with people effortlessly since he believes that one can learn from the experiences of others through personal connections. He also wants to share some tips on personality development, as he is an advocate in this particular aspect, and also tips on effective task management.

He desires to be branded as an approachable personality development advocate, as one of his greatest strengths is motivating and inspiring people to achieve their dreams. Don can connect to people from all walks of life as well as mobilize them to fulfill a certain task or project through personality development activities. He establishes personal connections with people around him as he is able to combine significant events together in order to bring out the best of everything from others. Through his ability to connect, he is also a very optimistic individual as he sees the positive side of every situation around him.

Don Sepe also perceives himself as a mentor and inspirational speaker. Through this strength, he believes that his testimonies alone will help inspire and encourage others to strive towards the attainment of their goals and aspirations. Most importantly, he wants to be branded as a loving husband to his wife, Ivy Sepe, and a well-rounded father to his child.

A Great Dreamer

Don Sepe also perceives himself as a resilient entrepreneur. He can surpass one failure to another without loss of excitement or passion. For him, in order to achieve success, people must learn to align themselves with people whom they can learn relevant knowledge and experiences. This is because people constantly search and seek for ways where they can experience higher ground. An aspiring or new entrepreneur must develop the ability to come out strong despite the hurdles and barriers of doing the business.

In the area of his career and business, he desires to have Diamond Directors under him, as well as conduct their meetings in other countries. He also dreams of speaking in front of CEOs of multi-national businesses and heads of big schools in the future. as inspire them through his testimonies of how he was able to achieve success.

Do not wait for tomorrow to do what you can do today. Take action right now on the things that you need to do that will move you closer to massive achievement.  Look for results daily -- not reasons or excuses for not doing what you know to do. 

Don Sepe is truly a man who will go through the tough waves of life just to reach ultimate success. He is truly an inspiration due to the fact that he is a well-rounded person— a family man, motivational speaker, leader, and personality development advocate all rolled into one.

Success is becoming what you want, and not remaining who you are in terms of status in life. It is also doing what you have desired to do whenever or wherever; since it also involves having a bunch of leaders who continually help a lot of people achieve change. Indeed, success is no accident, as it involves hard work, social engagement, diligence, faith, dedication, and generosity— all of which are essential qualities that Don Sepe continues to have in order to be empowered for success.